Ten Oaks Philanthropic Fund

Optimizing Quality of Life for Charlotte Residents

Ten Oaks’ Founders established and funded the Ten Oaks Philanthropic Fund to provide financial and operating resources to enhance education, career, entrepreneurship, and family service access for high opportunity families in the Charlotte community. The Ten Oaks Philanthropic Fund has an initial operating budget in excess of $1.0 million per year, and does not proactively seek funding outside of the Ten Oaks’ Founders, Matt Magan and Mike Hahn.

Once the Ten Oaks Philanthropic Fund successfully sets up prototypes for its key initiatives in Charlotte, the Ten Oaks’ Founders are most focused on expanding these programs geographically into their respective hometowns of Baltimore, MD and Los Angeles, CA.

Below are the key initiatives of the Ten Oaks Philanthropic Fund:

College Access


Through CLTRising, TOPF helps high-potential, lower income students in Charlotte-Mecklenburg matriculate to Ivy League and other highly competitive colleges with meaningful financial aid support.

Entrepreneurial Access


Through CLTImpact, TOPF partnerswith other local community leaders to offer low-dilution growth equity funding.

Family Partnerships


Through a newly formed division of CLTRising, TOPF supports the family units of high-opportunity children in Charlotte-Mecklenburg through holistic wraparound services that span from healthcare to tutoring to transportation in order to enable families and their high-opportunity children to maximize their potential. Contact [email protected] for more information.

Athletic Access


Through the Ten Oaks Operating Partner Development Program, TOPF provides financial and educational support, as well as financial and business training to diverse high-potential athletes to allow these athletes to pursue their athletic dreams while preparing them for a successful career after athletics.

Community Alliances

× TOPF also passively supports a very select few organizations that are like-minded, including Carolina Youth Coalition and Charlotte Bi-Lingual Preschool.

CLT Rising
Foundation for the Carolinas

Ten Oaks’ founders are dedicated to allocating a portion of their investment gains to social impact, particularly to CLTRising, a non-profit organization founded by Matt Magan focused on helping high-potential, lower income students in Charlotte-Mecklenburg matriculate to Ivy League and other highly competitive colleges.

Through working with Foundation for the Carolinas in helping to accept and coordinate gifts of closely held business interests, Ten Oaks will donate at least $250,000 per transaction to CLTRising and other Ten Oaks’ philanthropic efforts.