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Matthew Magan

Matthew Magan is an experienced business leader and investing expert based in Charlotte, North Carolina. He is a co-founder of the Ten Oaks Group, which he established alongside Mike Hahn in 2020. Magan oversees Ten Oaks’ investing operations, an integral driver of the firm’s unique, far-reaching approach to corporate divestitures.

Through Ten Oaks, Matthew Magan and Michael Hahn have contributed to an accomplished and ever-growing body of work, offering a flexible, frictionless pathway to corporate carve-out transactions. The firm upholds an unwavering commitment to creating employment and nurturing growth within its acquired companies, improving their trajectories, and transforming them into thriving standalone entities.

Beyond these ventures, the firm has also made a significant charitable impact through the Ten Oaks Philanthropic Fund, an initiative providing financial and operational resources enhancing education-, career-, and entrepreneurship-based services for high-opportunity families in the Charlotte community. What’s more, Ten Oaks Group prides itself on funding CLTRising, a program aiming to bolster college access for under-resourced students and promote long-term economic mobility through advocacy and community connections. The initiative, founded by Magan and his wife Elizabeth in 2016, has achieved remarkable outcomes in educational upliftment, as evidenced by the impressive colleges and universities that have accepted its students, including Dartmouth and the University of Pennsylvania.

Prior to Ten Oaks, Matthew Magan served as a principal at Summit Park, a private investment firm based in Charlotte, North Carolina. He also worked as an advisor for Tile Redi and as an investment banking analyst for Wachovia Securities. These experiences have helped Magan hone an eye for executing efficient transactions; he strives to take a contrarian view in identifying value and opportunity where others may not—characteristics that have significantly benefited Ten Oaks’ partners since the firm’s inception.

Matthew Magan holds an undergraduate degree in finance from the University of Maryland and an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He currently resides in Charlotte with his wife and three children.

Mike Hahn, co-founder of Ten Oaks Group, is a seasoned investment expert and business leader. Since establishing Ten Oaks with Matt Magan in 2018, Hahn has led the firm’s sourcing efforts.

Throughout his career, Hahn has aspired to transcend the status quo, focusing instead on creating a vehicle for identifying and solving complex business challenges creatively and efficiently. He believes that to properly achieve this goal, leaders must allow workers and stakeholders to challenge themselves as much as possible, understanding that success is not always linear and, sometimes, the best answers come from a long process of trying, learning, failing, and pressing forward. This solution-oriented ideology has bolstered Ten Oaks’ growing list of successful transactions and various philanthropic endeavors through his family foundation – namely funding organizations focused on under-privileged mothers and children, research for under-funded diseases, and protection / support of the Jewish community.

Previously, Mike Hahn spent five years within Deloitte Consulting’s strategy & operations practice, working across offerings including turnaround management and M&A. He is consistently involved with the University of Southern California, of which he was a childhood fan, forming one of the college’s premiere NIL groups with a diverse group of LA-based entrepreneurs and friends. The group works to get hard-working college athletes fairly paid for the value they create.

Hahn earned his B.S. in business administration and finance from Carnegie Mellon University and his MBA from Columbia Business School. He currently serves on the board of Columbia Business School’s Private Equity Board and lives in Los Angeles, California, with his family.

Michael Hahn